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Hi my name is Lincoln, I live in West London, I am self-taught in Photography and Photoshop over many years.
My first camera was a Polaroid that my uncle sent to me from the States so that I could take photos of my family and send back the pictures to him. Well, only 13 at the time, you can imagine my delight at watching the images appear before my very eyes...I WAS HOOKED from that very first moment when the magic happened.
Although I had never pursued a career in photography, (until now!) it had always been an On/Off hobby, only fishing, cooking and girls distracted me and then motorbikes! Not necessarily in that order!
I am older and wiser and know what I like now, perhaps a little more discerning and not so fickle! :) I have realized that everything Nature & Wildlife interest me as well Macro photography. All the scapes have been a bit of a thing as well especially Cityscapes which I can take advantage of here in London.
I hope you enjoy my photographs and please keep coming back as I will be refreshing my collections with new images from my daily movements around town and from far afield.

Thank you :)